The Digital Radio Certification Mark (“tick mark”)

Welcome to the Digital Radio Certification Mark industry pages. Here you will find what you need to know about the tick mark.

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Please note: there are no costs associated with applying for the tick mark. The manufacturer may incur costs to test their receiver(s). 

Digital Radio UK recommends that manufacturers test their products against the Minimum Specification in an approved test house. If you are a test house and would like to become approved by the UK Accreditation Society (UKAS) to test DAB digital radios according to the tick mark please email tickmark@digitalradiouk.comDigital Radio UK will take you through the process. 

Digital Radio UK will return all applications - which have gone through an accredited test house - within 7 days. 

If you are a technology provider (DAB silicon manufacturer or DAB chipset module manufacturer) who would like to mark out your technology as being "approved" please email Digital Radio UK will take you through the process. 

Please note, there are planned changes to the process for technology providers applying for use of the tick mark. Digital Radio UK will soon be requiring technology providers to (a) purchase and use a universal set of ETI files and (b) put their technology through an independent test house (the DTG in London) for testing. This will come into place asap. Please email for further information. 

If you are a retailer, manufacturer, trade body or franchise dealer, and you would like to become an IMI Installer Training Centre, in order to train, test and accredit installers against the criteria required to be granted use of the tick mark, please email Digital Radio UK will take you through the process. 

It is possible to submit multiple applications based on one test. Please see here for details. 

Digital Radio UK will consider urgent change requests to the technical documents and application process at any point. Furthermore, we will review the documents annually (in June) to consider whether any additions need to be made. If you would like to request a change to any of the technical documents or process please see here  for details. 

If you would like to complain about any aspect of the tick mark process, including a complaint against a manufacturer using the tick mark, please see here . If you have any questions please ask. 

If you are a manufacturer and you're interested in an "accesible" text-to-speech radio please see the Tick Mark Optional Specification here and email

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