PURE Highway 300Di - Tick Marked


  • USB port
  • Dual tuners
  • OLED display
  • ‘Works with iPhone, iPod and iPad’ compliant


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The PURE Highway 300Di is the ultimate in-car digital radio and audio adapter.

Price bracket £170 - £180

The new PURE Highway 300Di has been designed to offer customers an elegant, fully fitted solution with high-performance reception, which doesn’t clutter the car with cables and doesn’t require any holes to be drilled.

The PURE Highway 300Di comes with a compact, interface box, which is fitted discreetly in a suitable location for the vehicle such as behind the dashboard or in the glovebox; an attractive, removable, controller unit with mounting bracket; an innovative, active, glass mount aerial for the best possible reception, a 3.5mm line-in cable and a USB extension lead to allow the user to connect their own Apple lead to use and charge an iPod, iPhone or iPad. 

The compact, controller unit is mounted on the dash and comes with an OLED display, which is readable from any angle. Highway 300Di is ‘Works with iPhone, iPod and iPad’ compliant and enables full control of music stored on these devices from the controller unit. Content stored on an iPod, iPhone or iPad can be navigated from the controller by artist, album, track and genre. The controller also comes with 30 easily accessible digital radio favourites, backlit buttons and the ability to pause and rewind live digital radio and any other audio source.

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