Sonichi S1000


  • In-car DAB with FM re-transmitter
  • Connect iPod/MP3 player with supplied lead
  • 36 station presets


Halfords' own in-car digital radio adapter for use with your existing car audio system.

Price bracket £85 - £90

With the Sonichi S1000 you can add digital radio to your car without changing your stereo. Its external antenna provides a clearer reception and the unique autotune technology find the best signal and automatically retunes for you, to ensure a consistently high level of reception. It features 36 DAB station presets and 4 FM station presets so you can easily swap between stations.

It attachs to your windscreen with removeable flexible mount, receives the digital radio signal and then retransmits it to your car stereo via a FM signal.

Also has automatic day/night illumination and you can connect your MP3 player / iPod using supplied lead.

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