Roberts SportsDAB II


  • DAB and FM radio reception
  • Built-in external speaker
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Headphone socket
  • AC Adaptor


A personal, hand-held radio with built-in speaker.

Price bracket £50 - £100

The Roberts Sports DAB 2 is a DAB / FM personal digital radio with loudspeaker. The Roberts Sports DAB 2 is Roberts second generation hand held DAB. More versatile then the RD14 now features a built in speaker and headphone socket so you can use it on the move, at home, in the garden on in the office. There are two aerials, a built in telescopic one for stationary use and the headphones double as the aerial for use out and about.

The Roberts Sports DAB 2 has a stylish black finish and blue backlit display, the Roberts Sports DAB 2 looks the part too. The built in e-battery ensures you are always ready to listen to your favorite program or catch the commentary for the big match. The Roberts Sports DAB 2 is the 'must have' DAB sports radio for any discerning sports fan and is one of the smallest on the market.

The Roberts Sports DAB 2 is lightweight, compact and easy to use, the radio offers a full screen or rolling text display and gets a rechargeable battery as well as an AC adaptor.

As well as for use with headphones, the Sports DAB II boasts a built-in loudspeaker and offers key lock and auto shut off functionality.


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