PURE Evoke Mio


  • Energy Saving Trust recommended
  • Two-tone leather and suede effect finish
  • Connect an iPod or MiniDisc and play it directly through the EVOKE-1S speaker
  • Browse stored scrolling text at your convenience
  • Pause and control scrolling text
  • Dedicated kitchen timer button
  • Easy to use tone or radio alarm
  • 30 DAB or FM presets in a combined list
  • Add new features as they become available via USB




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A classic, easy-to-use radio, Mio also includes an input for your iPod/MP3 player.

Price bracket £120 - £150

Pure's latest DAB/FM radio comes with two-tone leather and suede effect finish in a variety of glorious colours. More than just a design exercise, Mio sounds fantastic too. And so it should: under its retro-modern skin is Pure's best selling EVOKE-1S.

Mio is Pure's first portable radio to come with a removable ChargePAK pre-installed. Plug it in when you can and the ChargePAK charges while you listen; unplug it, and you've up to 24 hours portable DAB listening per charge.

A classic easy-to-use radio, Mio also includes an input for your iPod/MP3 player, Intellitext® and textSCANTM, FM with RDS, a striking new auto-dimming OLED display, an alarm, a kitchen timer and a USB connector for future product upgrades.


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