• Honeycomb one-panel stereo NXT speaker
  • LCD display
  • Digital clock, Timer-on, sleep timer
  • Audio Input
  • Headphone jack
  • Remote control
  • Wall mountable


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Maximise your enjoyment of DAB digital radio using the minimum amount of space with this wall mountable super slim radio.

Price bracket £100 - £125

Slim, high performing and innovative the TEAC R-X1 DAB digital radio is truly one of the real head turners of the digital radio world!

The TEAC R-X1 is no conventional slim line radio. The NXT loudspeakers are created from newly developed single panel stereo speaker technology - bringing you crisp, room-filling digital quality sound using the minimum amount of space. You can use the speakers to enjoy the range of DAB digital radio stations or use the 3.5mm input to connect a portable mp3 or CD player. The R-X1 also features a remote control, LCD display and digital clock.

This TEAC DAB radio is also wall mountable - meaning that it won't take up any space whichever room you decide to put it in!

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