Digital radio listening and ownership increases by 2 million in past year

• 1.8 million new digital listeners in the past year
• Digital radio ownership increases by 2.1 million individuals

The number of people tuning into their favourite radio stations via a digital platform has increased by nearly 2 million in the past year, and over 2 million more people now claim to own a digital radio set at home than this time last year, according to the latest RAJAR figures released today.

According to Q3 2009 figures, in terms of weekly reach, 1.8 million more people have begun listening via a digital platform in the past 12 months, with 17.7 million people now tuning in via a digital platform compared to 15.9 million in Q3 2008.

Supporting this increase, the number of the population now having access to a digital radio at home has risen year on year by 2.1 million, with 16.6m adults now living in a household with a digital radio, compared to 14.5m for the same period in 2008.

The growth in digital listening is reflected in marked increases year on year in the reach of a number of digital only stations, including Heat Radio, which has increased by 36%; Five Live Sports Extra which has increased by 24%; and Planet Rock which has increased by 12%.

Tony Moretta, Chief Executive, Digital Radio Development Bureau, on behalf of Digital Radio UK, said:

"The fact that all figures indicate that 2 million more people in the UK are choosing digital radio now than this time last year is incredibly encouraging. With the radio industry now more focused than ever on digital upgrade, we are confident that more and more listeners will switch to digital."
Source: RAJAR / Ipsos-MORI / RSMB, period ending September 2009, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.
About Digital Radio UK

Digital Radio UK is the company tasked with establishing digital as the leading radio format in the UK and ensuring its wide availability and continuing take up among the UK's 46 million radio listeners.

Funded and supported by commercial radio, the BBC and Arqiva, Digital Radio UK is the central industry communicator on digital radio, working closely with all parties with an interest in digital radio, from broadcasters and the car industry to manufacturers and retailers, to deliver the consumer and economic benefits of digital radio upgrade, which include more station choice, better sound quality and greater functionality for radio listeners.

29.10.2009 | General

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