Record increase in digital listening

The proportion of radio listening to digital platforms has surged to 24% (up 19% year on year and up 15% quarter on quarter) according to the latest RAJAR figures released today. This is the biggest increase for digital share since RAJAR started tracking listening by platform.

Weekly reach of digital radio is up 15% year on year to 38.5%. This means that 43% of radio listeners are tuning in to digital on a weekly basis.

There has been growth across all platforms with DAB now accounting for more than 15% of all listening (up 20% year on year, and 10% quarter on quarter). Listening via the internet grew 29% year on year and on DTV by 19% year on year. Digital listening growth has been recorded by both the BBC and Commercial Radio with BBC digital listening up 22% to 24.6% and Commercial Radio digital listening up 17% to 22.9% year on year.

The percentage of adults claiming to own a DAB set at home also grew, with almost 35% of the population now living in a DAB household (up 9% year on year). 11 million digital radios have now been sold and, with digital now accounting for three quarters of portable radio sales, this has led to the growth of in-home digital listening which is up 23% year on year to 30.9%. At work digital listening also showed a significant rise up 20% year on year to 20.1%.

Ford Ennals, Chief Executive, Digital Radio UK, commented: "These are extremely encouraging results and represent a real milestone in the UK's transition to a digital future for radio. Over 40% of listeners now listen to digital radio every week and digital radio's share of listening is almost a quarter. We are seeing growth right across the board - across all platforms, both year on year and quarter on quarter, and across Commercial Radio and the BBC, which both recorded strong digital listening growth.
It is clear that listeners are increasingly enjoying the benefits of digital radio, including more choice, ease of tuning, exclusive content and live text."

13.05.2010 | General

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