Get set for 2017 with digital radio

The New Year is here and with it all those promises and resolutions. Whatever you’re promising for 2017, make a New Year’s resolution that’s worth sticking to and switch to digital radio.

With digital radio, you’ll get all your favourite stations plus extra digital-only stations.

There are lots of ways to listen to digital radio.

On a DAB digital radio set

DAB digital radios are really clever these days. They’re energy efficient, easy to use and some include great features like Bluetooth. There are lots to choose from – such as portable or kitchen, audio home systems or clock radios. 

Check out the latest DAB digital radios on the high street or online, and if you’re buying a digital radio, look for the digital radio tick mark. It means you’ll get all your available stations, including DAB+ stations. 

DAB digital radio is available to 97% of the population. To check which stations you can receive, enter your postcode into the checker here.


You can listen to your favourite stations online on your PC or laptop. 


You can listen on your smartphone or tablet via app. Simply download the Radioplayer app and you can take over 400 UK radio stations with you. Find our more here.

Connected Speaker

And don’t forget, once you’ve downloaded the Radioplayer app, you can pair your device to your Bluetooth or connected speaker to listen to the audio that way, as well as listening via headphones.

You can also listen to radio via a smart speaker such as Sonos or Amazon Echo.

Digital TV

Digital radio is available on all digital TV platforms.

In Your Car 

There are lots of ways to get digital radio in your car. You can integrate your smartphone via an aux in cable or Bluetooth connection. You can get a DAB digital radio adaptor which will enable you to receive digital radio via your analogue car radio. In many cases you can get a replacement digital radio for your car and of course if you are buying a new or used car you can make sure it has digital radio fitted.

To find out how you can convert your car to receive digital radio, simply enter your postcode into the installer checker to find organisations with trained digital tick mark installers here.

22.12.2016 | General

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