Digital Radio sales top 10 million

Sales of digital radios have reached a milestone, smashing the ten million barrier

With the bulk of Christmas sales still to come, the DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) reports cumulative sales of digital radio sets topped ten million at the end of November. It took eight years to reach the first five million sales (2007), but the second five million has been achieved in just 30 months.

Digital radio sales have consistently outperformed the overall CE Audio market through 2008 and 2009, despite the recession. Figures from GfK show Q3 2009 year end volume growth for digital radio in Audio systems (up 12%) car audio (up 60%) and Radio recorders - multifunction radios such as those with CD or iPod dock - (up 60%).* In the same year ending period, all categories of analogue radio showed significant declines.** For the past three years, sales of digital radio sets have remained solid at around two million per annum and the market is worth around £170 million a year.

DRDB chief executive Tony Moretta says: "This is a significant moment for everyone in the digital radio industry: broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers. Ten million sales is an incredible achievement for any technology, and it proves that digital radio is here to stay. With even greater promotion by radio stations, wider support from the car industry and the further development of the technology through colour screens, wi-fi etc, we expect the growth of digital radio to continue strongly over the next few years to the point where a nationwide digital upgrade can become a reality."

November 30, 2009
For more information contact Mandy Green, DRDB Press Office, 0203 206 7872 or email

ABOUT THE DRDB: The DRDB has been the voice of the digital radio industry responsible for marketing and promoting DAB to consumers, using radio and print advertising, retail messaging and online. Working closely with broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers to develop the DAB proposition, the DRDB is funded by the BBC, commercial radio and Arqiva.

In January 2010, the DRDB will become part of Digital Radio UK. Digital Radio UK will build on the work of the DRDB to become the new consumer-facing brand that will co-ordinate and manage the expansion of the digital radio platform throughout the UK.

*GfK RT UK, Panel Market for DAB Audio Systems, Car Audio, Radio recorder, Volume Sales, Y/E Sep 08 vs. Y/E Sep 09.

**GfK RT UK, Panel Market for Analogue Portable Radio, Clock Radio, Audio Systems, Car Audio, Tuner, Radio recorder, Personal Stereo, Volume Sales Y/E Sep 08 vs. Y/E Sep 09.

30.11.2009 | General

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