All Pure home and car digital radios receive the tick mark

Pure is the first manufacturer to receive the Digital Radio tick mark for its digital radios. All of Pure’s current radios for the home and the car including the award-winning Evoke and Highway in-car digital radio range have been approved to carry the tick mark, which has been devised to give consumers confidence that they are purchasing a radio that is ‘future ready’.

Digital Radio UK, which manages the Digital Radio tick mark scheme at the request of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, has granted the Digital Radio tick mark to Pure’s currently shipping digital radio range for the home and the car. For a full list of compliant products, please visit

To secure approval, manufacturers need to submit their products to rigorous testing including receiver sensitivity. All approved products have to include DAB, DAB+ and FM. 

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, says: “It’s excellent news that the Digital Radio tick mark is now up and running. Consumers will now have the assurance of knowing the radio they buy is ready for the future.”

Paul Smith, Pure’s general manager says: “As the brand that kick-started digital radio in the UK, we are committed to leading the way and keeping momentum going on the road to digital switchover. As part of this on-going commitment, we have been developing our product range with securing the Digital Radio tick mark in mind for the last two years and are extremely pleased to be the first to gain approval. We regard the Digital Radio tick mark as a vital step in giving consumers confidence that they are buying a radio that is ready for a digital future.”

Ford Ennals, CEO of DRUK, says: “We are delighted to have accredited the first Digital Radio tick mark to a manufacturer and pleased that Pure, whose parent company Imagination Technologies has such a prominent history in the creation of the technology, is the first brand to have gained approval. The Digital Radio tick mark provides an important signal to listeners that the future of radio is digital – and devices which carry the tick mark are future ready. We look forward to announcing more approved products and registered installers in the coming months.”

All Pure products are designed and engineered in the UK and come with an industry-leading three year warranty. For more information, please visit  

About the Digital Radio Tick Mark

The Digital Radio tick mark is being introduced to assure UK consumers that devices they purchase are future ready. The introduction of the Digital Radio tick mark for radio follows the successful use of a similar scheme for the UK’s television Digital Switchover (DSO), completed in 2012.

Manufacturers whose products meet the Government-approved minimum receiver specifications can apply to Digital Radio UK for product approval. To be granted approval, radio receivers must meet specified performance standards relating to:

The reception of DAB, DAB+ and FM signals. 

RF performance and receiver sensitivity - to ensure acceptable standards of audio reception 

Functional specifications, including retuning and text display 

There is no obligation for receivers sold in the UK to be Digital Radio tick mark compliant, but experience shows that consumers welcome the reassurance that the tick mark provides.  The scheme is being introduced for domestic and in-car radios as well as in-vehicle digital radio installers, and will be communicated to consumers from later this year.

10.06.2014 | Products

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