Over 45% of new cars with DAB

Following the news last week that new vehicle sales in March were the highest for a decade, new figures have been released from CAP and the SMMT which show that in Q1 2014, 45.2% of new cars came with DAB digital radio as standard, up from 42.8% in Q4 2013.

In March 2014, 45.5% of new car registrations had DAB as standard (212,000), up 41% from March 2013 (144,000). In March overall car sales were 464k with March and September being the biggest months in the year for new car registrations.  

This steady growth reflects the ongoing support for digital radio from vehicle manufacturers and means we are on track for the majority of new cars coming with DAB digital radio in the second half of 2014.  

It was also announced this week that the new Kia Soul will come with DAB as standard - please click here.

10.04.2014 | General

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