LBC to go national

LBC, London’s favourite talk radio station, is to go national from February 11, becoming Britain’s first and only commercial news talk radio station to be broadcast across the UK. LBC’s parent company, Global, today takes a significant and bold step, investing in news talk radio and creating the UK’s first ever national full news talk commercial radio station.  Going live at 7am on Tuesday 11 February, the launch of the new national LBC marks a sea change in the British commercial radio landscape.
For the first time, the UK public have a national forum to discuss and debate the news of the day in real time on a commercial radio station, in high quality on DAB.  LBC is uniquely driven by its audience, the public, making it distinct from other talk radio services. LBC will be almost exclusively news talk, tackling the big issues of the day with intelligent, informed conversation aimed at the voting public, not politicians. That’s a first for radio in the UK.
LBC addresses the issues that matter to people across London with informed, incisive and entertaining dialogue between presenters and listeners, and more news bulletins than any other talk radio station. In the past year, LBC has added ‘appointment to listen’ programmes such as the weekly ‘Call Clegg’ and the ever popular and entertaining ‘Ask Boris’.
LBC has been enjoying huge growth in recent years. It recorded its highest ever audience at 1.3 million listeners at the last RAJARs (in October 2013) with Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast Show gaining almost 100,000 listeners in a year, representing the greatest share of listeners of any breakfast show in London.  Other presenters include Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Iain Dale and Larry Lamb.
From February 11 listeners right across the UK will have the opportunity, for the first time, to hear the station on DAB digital radio. Listeners can challenge senior members of Government and people in authority live on air. LBC gives listeners a national forum to drive debate, express opinions and share stories.  Our award-winning presenters are known for their incisive commentary. LBC is the world’s only media outlet to have Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as a host, making history with his weekly programme ‘Call Clegg’. The programme is also available to watch live online.
LBC’s national DAB digital coverage will be in addition to its existing London FM coverage on 97.3 and its online and mobile coverage worldwide.
LBC was the first commercial radio station launched in the UK in 1973, at the time, standing for 'London Broadcasting Company.' The station became 'London's Biggest Conversation' in 2007 and on February 11th 2014, will change its meaning for only the third time in its history, as LBC becomes 'Leading Britain's Conversation'.
Global founder & executive president, Ashley Tabor, said: “LBC has been a pioneer since it began broadcasting as the first commercial radio station 40 years ago, challenging traditional formats and producing innovative shows.  Under Global’s ownership last year we introduced a first in UK radio with the Deputy Prime Minister hosting his own weekly show on LBC, ‘Call Clegg,’ giving LBC’s listeners, the public, a chance to hold a senior political figure directly to account for the first time every week. From February 11th 2014 Global is investing further in digital radio, and in speech radio, to create the UK’s first national commercial news talk radio station, giving listeners across the whole of the UK a voice and a forum to engage in the issues that matter to them.  I’m incredibly proud to bring the winning LBC formula to listeners across the UK and for Global to lead the way in the development of UK media brands.”
Jane Ostler, Communications Director at Digital Radio UK said: "Listeners love the choice of stations on DAB digital radio and it's great news that they will be able to listen to LBC across the UK on DAB. The popular news, views and entertainment station adds to the strong lineup of commercial stations already available on DAB alongside BBC national stations, and the licensing of Digital 2 later this year will increase the choice of national stations even further."
LBC is available across Britain on DAB digital radio, on 97.3FM in London, on Sky Digital across the UK on Channel 0112, Virgin Media Channel 973 ad internationally online at and through mobile apps.

29.01.2014 | Stations

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