New cars with digital radio

New data issued by CAP/SMMT shows solid growth in the proportion of cars with digital radio as standard.

In December 2013, 43.7% of new cars had digital radio as standard, double the proportion in December 2011 (20.1%) and up by 37% since December 2012 (32%). During Q4 2013, the proportion of new registrations with digital radio as standard was 42.8%, compared with 33.3% in Q4 2012, and 20.8% in Q4 2011.

The SMMT has announced that UK new car sales in 2013 were the highest in 5 years at 2.26m, up 10.8% on 2012. During 2013, over 900,000 new vehicle registrations had digital radio, up by 63% since 2012.

It was also announced last week week that the Suzuki Sport (pictured above) has DAB radio as standard.

14.01.2014 | General

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