Frontier Silicon launches break-through automotive DAB solution

Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of digital radio and connected audio technology, part of the Toumaz Group (TMZ.L) has announced the launch of AUTODAB 2.0, a breakthrough DAB/DAB+ radio solution for automotive aftermarket applications.

Frontier has drawn on a wealth of experience gained in developing class-leading products for the consumer market to provide an innovative low-cost solution for this difficult environment.

Existing automotive DAB/DAB+ solutions employ dual tuners to simultaneously search for alternative signal sources while listening to a station. If the current station signal is lost the radio can switch to an alternative, presenting a seamless experience to the user. Developed from Frontier's AUTODAB 1.0 the latest technology (patent pending) performs the same task using only a single DAB tuner, significantly reducing cost and complexity.

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16.09.2013 |

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