Digital radio communications step up a gear

In the lead-up to a Government decision on switchover in 2013, the next phase of the industry communications campaign has been launched to promote digital radio and its benefits. Featuring digital radio evangelist D Love, the campaign will air on BBC TV, commercial radio and BBC radio stations, online videos and MPUs, in-store digital radio guides and Christmas postcards. Messages will include station choice, sound, multiplatform and digital radio in-car.

Jane Ostler, Communications Director at Digital Radio UK, commented: "People love the great choice of stations on digital radio. D Love's role is to act as an advocate for digital radio and to spread the love, and in the lead up to a Government decision on radio switchover later in 2013, D Love will drive digital listening by spreading the love of digital radio benefits, as well as raising awareness of the availability of digital radio in-car."

The radio campaign will go on air on 24 November and will run until January. Christmas TV will launch on BBC One on 8 December.

Click here to find out more about the campaign.

20.11.2012 | General

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