Roberts introduce new Revival digital radio

What started as a one-off limited edition several years ago, has now become a long standing successful partnership with two much loved British brands coming together to offer the ultimate retro inspired portable radio. 

First launched in the 1950's, the design of this radio has become iconic and it works beautifully with Cath Kidtson's nostalgic, cheerful prints, hence the one off edition becoming a much-loved series. The trend for Cath Kidston's ditsy prints continues to reign with consumers anticipating the next edition Revival.

Ready for the Christmas push, the duo launch 2012's edition of the Revival DAB in new 'Kempton Rose' fabric, a lovely pastel blue with a ditsy floral print.

As well as easily being able to tune into your favourite stations at a push of a button, you can play your own music collections, via the stereo line in socket for iPod and MP3 playback.

To find out more about the Revival Radio and other Roberts radios, click here.

07.08.2012 | Products

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