Digital listening gains momentum

Listening to digital platforms is now 28.2%, according to the Q3 2011 RAJAR figures released today, up 14% year on year in share. Digital listening hours are up to a record 304 million hours, up 16% from 262 million hours in Q3 2010.

23 million people now listen to digital radio each week with digital reach across all platforms increasing by 12% year on year. Of all radio listeners, 48.4% now listen via a digital platform each week, an increase of 2.4 million people year on year.

The increase in digital listening is driven by listening to DAB and via the internet. The share of all radio listening to DAB is now at 18%, up from 17.2% quarter on quarter and from 15.3% in Q3 2010. Listening to DAB accounts for 73% of digital listening (excluding digital unspecified).

Ownership of DAB digital radios in the home is up 12% year on year, with almost two in five of the population (39.4%) or 20.5 million adults living in a household with a set.

Internet listening is now at 3.7%, up from 3.2% quarter on quarter and from 2.8% in Q3 2010, with internet listening hours up 32% year on year. Contributing factors to this growth are the launch of Radioplayer, the increase of radio listening on smartphones and the Digital Radio UK workplace listening campaign. Digital listening in the workplace has grown by 18% year on year from 22.7% to 26.9%.

Digital television listening now accounts for 4.7% of all listening, down by 0.1pp quarter on quarter and up from 4.4% in Q3 2010.

Ford Ennals, Chief Executive of Digital Radio UK, said: “Quarter 3 has shown more evidence of the irresistible momentum behind digital listening. DAB hours are up 20% and online hours are up 32% year on year, and these are the two strategic growth platforms for the future of digital radio in the UK. With the increases in coverage and availability in cars, the remarkable progress of Radioplayer and with a major communications campaign about to start, we would expect digital radio listening to accelerate towards 30%.”

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27.10.2011 | General

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