ROBERTS Radio has launched its first iPhone/iTouch app

ROBERTS Radio has launched its first iPhone/iTouch app.

ConnectR is available free from the app store now, ahead of next week’s launch of the STREAM 105, the latest internet radio created by Roberts.

With ConnectR, you’ll be able to control all functions of the radio from your iPhone/iTouch with complete ease including volume and mode. It’s really easy to use, and has some handy intuitive features such as the ability to set presets and adjust tone control.

Playing back music stored on your pc with ConnectR will be really simple too. Once connected to your network, playlists, albums and individual tracks are available for immediate selection at the mere press of a button.

Initially, the app will operate with the new STREAM 105, details on which will be released by Roberts very soon, but will also be suitable for future products launched by the company.

01.07.2011 |

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