A new series from Ambridge for BBC Radio 4 Extra

Listeners to BBC Radio 4 Extra will be able to enjoy more stories from Ambridge with the launch of a new series, Ambridge Extra, on the digital network next month.

Ambridge Extra will give listeners the chance to spend more time with Archers characters and give them an added insight into other areas of their lives - it can be enjoyed in conjunction with The Archers, or listeners can tune in to both as stand-alone dramas.

The new series will be set in Ambridge and will also follow characters further afield. Through Ambridge Extra, listeners can find out how Alice is doing at university; they can hear from Rhys, The Bull's barman, a character who has yet to speak in The Archers; and find out more about what Jamie is getting up to behind his mother's back.

Digital-only BBC Radio 4 Extra - the name for the relaunched BBC Radio 7 - will launch next month.

Vanessa Whitburn, Editor of The Archers and Ambridge Extra, said: "Ambridge Extra is an added bonus for listeners who want to spend more time immersed in Ambridge life. BBC Radio 4 Extra gives us the space to explore the lives of Archers' characters in more detail. And it is a lovely way to mark the 60th anniversary year."

Initially two series of Ambridge Extra have been commissioned to run on Radio 4 Extra over 13 weeks, starting from Tuesday 5 April. A second series will air in the autumn. Each episode will be 15 minutes.

Ambridge Extra, which like The Archers will be made in Birmingham, will broadcast twice at week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am with repeats on the same days at 2.15pm. An omnibus half hour programme will air on Radio 4 Extra on Fridays at 10.30am and be repeated on Sundays at 11.15am and 7.15pm.

As well as hearing the programmes on Radio 4 Extra, listeners will be able to catch up online or download the podcast. 

16.03.2011 | Stations

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