Absolute Classic Rock to rock'n'roll in more areas

Absolute Radio has revealed its plans to broadcast digital-only Absolute Classic Rock on DAB digital radio in more areas of the UK. They are also re-launching the station with a brand new weekday show from Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

From 10th December, Absolute Classic Rock (which up to now has only been on DAB digital radio in London) will also be available in Central Lancashire, Humberside, Leeds, Liverpool, South Yorkshire, Teesside and Tyne & Wear.

The station guarantees to play more great British Classic Rock than any other radio station, with a brand new daily show and a series of specials and documentaries featuring classic artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, ACDC, Slash and Elton John.

From 10th January The Ronnie Wood Show, previously a weekly Friday night show, will be given a brand new daily slot on the station. Everyday throughout the week the Rolling Stone will take the airwaves from 4pm Monday to Thursday in a show which features Ronnie regaling stories interspersed with impromptu guitar performances.

The station will also have a new look daytime schedule which will see Leona Graham on-air between 10am - 1pm, an hour of non-stop classic rock from 1pm - 2pm, Martyn Lee on-air between 2pm - 4pm and Russ Williams from 5pm - 8pm. The evening's will see more back to back music and every Monday night, at 10pm will play host to a series of shows - ‘Absolute Classic Rock Presents' - plus an exclusive session with Elton John at the Union Chapel, and a Paul McCartney' Band on the Run special.

Absolute Radio is also launching Absolute Radio 00s (noughties) at 10am on Friday 10th December - a new digital station for London dedicated to the best music from the last decade.

08.12.2010 | Stations

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