PURE’s internet radio portal, the Lounge, now on iPhone

PURE announces an iPhone App for its radio and media portal, The Lounge. The Lounge App enables iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to listen to a world of internet radio, podcasts, listen again content and a library of unique and ambient PURE sounds, on the go.

The PURE Lounge offers the user a world of local, national and global radio content ranging from American country to current events in Poland and from Gaelic football results to Austrian hip-hop. Listen again content allows users to catch up with radio programmes that they've missed such as the latest episode of the Archers or Dave Pearce's dance anthems on BBC 6 Music. Podcasts available on the Lounge give users access to thousands of programmes available anytime whether it's bedtime stories for the kids, DIY tips or highlights of a favourite breakfast show. There are also over 80 ambient PURE Sounds on the PURE Lounge to stimulate, inspire and relax ranging from ‘babbling brook' to ‘cicadas at sunset'. The PURE Lounge App delivers a gateway to all of this content on the move.

The PURE Lounge App connects seamlessly to audio content over both Wi-Fi and 2G/3G, and allows Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to access the Lounge's powerful and simple to use search filters and find the content they want. Any combination of name, language, country, genre or audio quality can be entered to narrow down exactly what the user is looking for.

Current Lounge users will be able to import their current Lounge settings to listen to their previously saved favourites on the Lounge App just as they are on thelounge.com or on any PURE radio with Flow technology. PURE has a growing range of internet-connected digital radios for every room in the house and beyond including the multi award-winning Sensia, which has a high resolution colour touchscreen; the portable EVOKE Flow; tabletop digital music system, AVANTI Flow; Oasis Flow, which is weatherproof and ideal for use in the bathroom or garden and Siesta Flow, which is a bedside radio with Flow technology.

For more information, please visit www.pure.com or www.thelounge.com or call 0845 1489001.

25.11.2010 | Products

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