New postcode checker launched

A new and improved postcode checker is now live on our site.

As before, the postcode checker lets you check what stations you can get on DAB digital radio where you live. But it now has a completely rebuilt "behind-the-scenes" engine running it meaning that it's even more robust and reliable than before.

You should also notice that it runs even faster - meaning you have less time to wait until you can see all the stations you could be getting on digital radio.

Changes to the checker will also be able to be made quickly, resulting in more accurate results more of the time.

The new postcode checker reflects all new DAB transmitters that have been launched up to August 2010 - for example, the national BBC transmitter at Corby, Kettering on 15th July and Mendlesham, Suffolk on 13th July. We will shortly be doing another update to reflect transmitter launches that are taking place this month.

Check now to see a full list of digital radio stations available in your area.

23.09.2010 | General

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