Two major UK retailers continue the good work of the Radio Amnesty

After the success of the Radio Amnesty earlier this year Comet and Argos will continue to offer recycling services and variable discounts on a range of digital radios.

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The Radio Amnesty, which ran from the end of May to the end of June 2010, offered consumers a discount on a new digital radio in exchange for their analogue radio, collected to be reconditioned for charity or recycled. During the campaign participating retailers and manufacturers reported a sales increase in excess of 20% and the overall market sales increase was 17%.

Following the Radio Amnesty, 2500 radios are now being sent to South Africa. The radios are being donated to children in the wards at the Red Cross War Memorial Hospital in Cape Town and will provide much needed external stimulus.

Other children who are involved in setting up and developing an in-hospital radio project from St Joseph's Home will also be included in the radio donation.

13.08.2010 | General, Products

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