PURE resurrects EVOKE Marshall Radio

PURE presents a new and improved version of the highly acclaimed and multi-award winning EVOKE Marshall digital radio - the EVOKE-1S Marshall.

The PURE EVOKE-1S Marshall (SRP £119.99) combines the award-winning quality of PURE's EVOKE-1S radio with the legendary style of Marshall Amplification to deliver the ultimate in radio that rocks.

EVOKE-1S Marshall will be initially retailed exclusively through HMV, the UK's leading specialist music retailer.

EVOKE-1S Marshall is wrapped in black vinyl, just like a Marshall amp, with solid wood construction, brass-effect control panel and a black metallic speaker grille. The fierce yellow on black display features adjustable brightness and just like its predecessor, the volume dial goes up to 11!

For maximum sound quality the EVOKE-1S Marshall has an integrated full range hi-fi speaker and features a bass reflex port for enhanced bass performance alongside a custom designed 3" drive unit and active-filters to provide a natural ‘direct-from-the-studio' sound. The optional, matching S-1 standalone speaker enables stereo output and even richer, deeper bass.

New features include ChargePAK compatibility for rocking out on the go for up to 24 hours between charges; an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display that is clear from any angle; a light sensor which automatically adjusts display brightness; more station presets (30 digital radio or FM); an auxiliary input to connect an iPod or MP3 player; and FM with RDS for maximum station choice. textSCANTM and Intellitext® have also been added so that scrolling text can be paused and controlled as well as stored for browsing at a later date

The radio has both a countdown timer (ideal for counting down until it's ‘time to rock!') and a radio/tone alarm (an ideal way to wake up to Alice Cooper's breakfast show on Planet Rock). A USB connector allows product updates to be loaded from the internet so the radio can be kept up to date with any software changes. A headphone socket lets users rock out in private.

EVOKE-1S Marshall can be pre-ordered from HMV.com and will be on the shelf exclusively at HMV from early August and at independent retailers from September. For more information, please visit www.pure.com or call 0845 1489001.

29.07.2010 | Products

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