Brand new Nevada Sinfonie II digital radio

As technology races ahead at an increasing rate, the new Nevada Sinfonie II has been developed to keep you ahead of the game.

It's a future-proof radio with the latest DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A system that works in the majority of countries offering digital radio and FM radio. The Sinfonie II has been made especially easy to use with a clear illuminated display, an alarm clock and automatic time settings.

Fitted with a large, single full frequency range speaker, the Sinfonie II gives effortless, clear and powerful sound, and the simple button layout means that operation of the radio is a breeze!

It comes with multi national UK/European mains adaptor, so it's perfect if you're travelling or want to take it abroad.

Coming in a stylish black high gloss the Sinfonie II will look great in the home, office and suitable to join you abroad as you travel.

Tel: 023 92 313090

16.06.2010 | Products

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